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What is the Gracie Barra Ambassador Programme

The key objective of the GB Ambassadors Program is to unite everyone behind Gracie Barra. It is a platform to boost everybody’s training, connect Professors and students, build greater unity in the team, reinforce the values of Gracie Barra, develop a stronger presence in the UK and strengthen the technical level of all GB students.

Secondly, the Ambassadors Program is designed to help fund our highest ranked athletes, to support them to achieve their dreams in representing the red shield at major competitions around the world.

So, whilst the GB Ambassadors Program is directed at our athletes, other members of the GB community will see benefits as well. By encouraging as many members of the GB community as possible to participate, by supporting our programme events throughout the year, not only will the level of training improve, but the GB community will witness a greater alignment in the values and philosophies that are encouraged by Gracie Barra; by enabling the culture within GB to flourish we will create a stronger, more successful, and larger team than ever before. 

How to become an Ambassador

As a competitor, the first thing you must do is secure as many points as you can in the season from designated Ambassador points scoring Tournaments.

This list is available to everyone and allows you to concentrate on those events which will assist in your application. Whilst GB competitors are of course able to compete in any tournament of their choice, only these designated tournaments will count towards your Ambassador Programme ranking.

The benefits of becoming an Ambassador

Becoming a Gracie Barra UK Ambassador is not only a huge honour and role model responsibility, it comes with a raft of benefits for you as an athlete.

  • Cash support for competition related expenses (Registrations, Travel & Accommodation etc)
  • Free training at your Academy for the year
  • Generous training wear and merchandise care packages from GBWear Europe
  • Discount account on all GB wear
  • Free access to the Monthly Competition Training sessions in your region
  • Free access to the x3 National Training Day Seminars with Elite Professors
  • Free registration to the GB Instructor Certification Programme (ICP)
  • Free training access package for the annual GBE summer camp
  • Personalised Elite Athlete level Strength, conditioning, Nutrition and Competitive Psychology support and monitoring programme with the UK’s leading experts


This hugely exciting Programme is so much more than an athlete sponsorship deal. We currently support x2 adult places per belt from Blue to Black, x2 Juveniles and x5 Junior Ambassadors and we strive wherever possible for gender equality across our programme.

It’s not easy to win or indeed to keep an ambassadorship, the competition for places is tough and leaves no room for complacency. Only hard work, dedication , consistency and commitment will pay off, those very same attributes so vitaly needed to climb to the top step of a “Worlds” Podium.

Victor Estima

How School owners / Professors can support potential Ambassadors

For an Athlete to be successful in their application to become a GB Ambassador, their home School must have a current GB SCP (Schools Certification Programme) Certificate and be actively supportive of the Ambassador Programme itself (I.e regularly sending students to the various programme events held throughout the year, encouraging competitors to wear the latest “Red” Competition T shirts / hoodies etc and hosting at least one Special Private Training session per season.

If your Athlete is successful in their application, your financial support, by providing them with free training at your school for the duration of their Ambassadorship, is a huge validation of your support for them, their career as an athlete, contribution to helping them achieve their dreams and commitment to the Ambassadors Programme.


Responsibilities of being a GB Ambassador

Here is the 2020 example of what obligations come with being an ambassador.
You must compete in a minimum of x2 International, x4 domestic, x3 GB Compnet Tournaments in the year, exclusively wearing the Official Gracie Barra uniform and Red T shirt or Hoodie at these and any other martial arts competition, class, seminar or martial arts related event. You must attend the majority of the monthly competition training sessions and training day seminars held in the year and teach at least one special private training session. You are also required to participate fully in the Athlete Strength and Conditioning development program (for adults and Juvenile ambassadors) and complete the current Instructor Certification Program (ICP). There are other obligations regarding any photographic, social media and promotional work you undertake, updating your website, email signatures, forum signatures and social networking pages. You may also be required to attend for video, photographic and merchandising promotions as well as testing, assessing and giving feedback on test products.


The application process for the Ambassador Programme for 2024 is now closed!

Applications for the 2025 Ambassador Programme will open in July 2024.


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The Ambassador Programme is funded from competitions, training events, and seminars by members of the Gracie Barra community. Our senior leaders believe wholeheartedly in the benefits that the programme can provide to dedicated up and coming athletes and provide all their time to the programme for free.

We believe that our next generation of athletes are strong role models, capable of representing a wide variety of brands.

How can you sponsor our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are waiting to represent your brand at competitions and events across Europe.

Get in touch now and let us know how your brand can help our next generation of athletes to reach their potential.

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